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OK, I'm watching my son tonight while my wife goes to see Star Trek with her girlfriends. (Ya, sort of dorky, huh? hehe) So, I'll have to test the software in the car tomorrow. I tried it today and nothing happened. I had cranked up the optimizations all the way, and had a million changes. I probably should have just left it at no optimizations at first. I got greedy. I took out the controller and have it sitting on top of my oscilloscope in the garage. I'll just keep testing the software by looking at the PWM signal. Once I get that working, I'll stick it in the car. I think there is MORE than enough time to slow down the A/D conversions to improve accuracy. It really is much better now. Very expandable. You can do a lot when you aren't just sitting doing nothing waiting for a conversion to finish!

I've had some sleepless nights because of the 3 ounce copper pcb. I'm pretty sure that it will be fine, but I'm not sure. That 6 ounce copper is sounding really good.
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