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2001 Corolla CE rim/tire mod for looks but want to maintain or improve fuel economy

Ok, I have a 2001 Corolla CE. I replaced the stock 175/65-14 Michelins with snow/ice tires so the steel rims are now my winter wheels. I am deciding between either of a set of 14" IKON CE -001,003 or 004 rims or, more likely, a set of FAST Static rims. Both rims are approx 3-4 LBS lighter than stock steel, so right off the bat, I get a better looking rim but also gain an ounce of pepp and/or fuel economy. Probably neglible, but, the point is, the change is in the right direction. Now, I have to chose tires. Stock for the CE is 175/65-14. I have to decide which tires to use. Here are the tire sizes I am considering.


The stock steel rims are 14" x 5.5" I believe, while the Alloy rims like the FAST 14" Static rim is 14" x 6". So, I want a good tire with low rolling resistance. I am tempted to go with the stock size. The 185/65-14 will be taller and heavier, and that can't be good for rolling resistance. The 195/60-14 will be wider, but lower, and possibley heavier, but, the height of the tire is essentially identical to stock. I am leaning towards the 195/60-14 because it will look nice and provide lot's of traction, and should be fine for rolling resistance I think. Whichever tire I get, I will be raising tire pressure from the 29-32 that most people run, and probably creep up, starting with 34 rear and 36 front until I reach a comfortablely high PSI but below the 44 PSI max of most tires (or whatever the max is for the tire I end up with).

So, any advice as to the tire size and which model? The 175/65 and 185/65 can both be found in the common Michelin Harmony/Destiny. The 195/60-14 is not available in that model, so I need suggestions.

thanks in advance for any feedback,

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