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That's a good idea, Blackpanther! I don't have a blow torch, but maybe I could improvise?

JayC, that is a seriously good deal! I'm pretty sure 3 ounce would be fine. However, I think I'm going to order a couple 4 ounce pieces for the trial. I'll test the 3 ounce stuff in my car I think.

My oscilloscope broke. The screen doesn't stay on anymore. It is acting really weird. It was only about $120 and lasted for 5 months or so. Not too bad I guess. That's my eyes and ears, so that's sort of bad. hehe. Also, I think that old control section is acting weird again too. I may not be able to test the new software in the car with this old control section. It's behaving really strange. Maybe I can just send the software to that one place, but I don't know how to "commit" to send it. I don't see that as an option. Maybe people can look over the code and make sure everything seems basically OK. I think I need a new control section before test driving it, though. boohoo.
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