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Yes! turtle svn was the name of the program I downloaded! When I run that, it says its a shell, and I can go read all about how it works in the documentation or I can right click on stuff, and it gives me various turtle svn options. To send stuff to that place with all the other programs, I thought there'd be an option like "upload stuff to remote server" or something like that. Evidently commit means to upload, so I'd even be happy with the option of "commit" hehe. But I didn't see any of the options on there as being related to sending stuff to a remote location. I'll email it to you, dcb.

Rubbing alcohol idea: That was from one of the master ecomodders on here. Maybe dremd? It makes it so the bit doesn't stick to the metal that's being drilled through. I would have thought that it could catch on fire or something, but instead it makes the drilling like 10000 times easier! I was able to drill through 60 mm thick pieces of aluminum with a 1/5 HP baby drill press with that method. I wouldn't have ever guessed to try it, but it works! By the way, I get the 99% pure Safeway rubbing alcohol. I've never tried the 70% pure type before.

EDIT: Hey, I think I sent it! I had to go to REPO BROWSER. Duh! hahaha! Then I dragged and dropped (which I never do, I was desperate) the file onto the REPO BROWSER.
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