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June 2009 Headway Group Buy

Headway 10 Ah (38120S cell) bulk buy, June, 2009:

As some of you already know, the Headway group buy on Endless-Sphere for May has ended and is currently underway. I know some of you missed out, but here's the good news.....we're putting together another group buy for mid-June! After organizing the first group buy by myself, I have been offered help from EV Components in setting up another one. They also have group buys with Thundersky and Sky Energy underway. We've partnered up and plan on offering the Headway cells on a regular basis.
More information here:

Here are the details:
- We're putting in an order of 5,000 cells, some BMS units and some various pack sizes as well as pack hardware.
- The order will go in on the 8th of June, 2009, and will be shipped via sea freight.
- The estimated delivery in Seattle Washington is approximately mid July.
- The price per 10Ah cell starts at $17.00 plus ground shipping from Seattle to your destination.
- There is a 50% deposit required when you order, then the rest is due right before being shipped to your door.
- We will be offering a warranty of one year on any of the batteries bought through us, two years if you purchase our BMS.
- If there is a custom configuration you need, we can consult and offer solutions on anything you need.
- We now have more than just batteries and BMS......and will be adding more in the near future.

Link to Headway cell pricing and specifications:

How is this different from the first group buy?
- No waiting for 35 other people to pay before the order goes out.
- Less risk, because you can use a credit card or Paypal to pay for your order.
- Importing and shipping processes have been established.
- A good business relationship has been established with Headway with the first group buy.
- No signing a waiver. Just pay, wait and receive batteries.
- We can take PayPal, Credit card and other forms of payment (see website for details). has established the least expensive prices for LiFePO4 batteries in the USA for small individual orders.

If you need more information, all specs and prices are available on our website.


Travis Gintz
EV Components, LLC.
SynkroMotive, LLC.

Dave Kois
EV Components, LLC

James Morrison
EV Components, LLC

Travis Gintz
1986 Honda Electric VFR
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