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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Hit the jackpot and posted a new thread with very detailed information about DIY regen with an alternator:

Hello. I hope this thread is still active, I did some reading about this diy regen, and I wanted to make sure I understood it(in case I want to try it.) If I had an alternator with an external voltage regulator, (like a Ford product), and I do not use the regulator,and I use GND, wire Field to 12v from the brake pedal switch, Stator not used, and Battery turns into HV wire going to main pack, would I have a simple form of regen braking, or a smoking mess? I will be using a 96v battery pack(8 12v). Also, if you do use regen, do you measure in volts or amps? Sorry it is so ong, but any feedback would be helpful. Take care, Watt
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