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Originally Posted by Intrigued View Post
Yeowza!! Man, that's cold!!! Us silly Americans still haven't caught up with the rest of the world on measurements, so I went to to see just how cold that is. Here is the printout:

-35 Celsius degree =
-31.0000000000001 Fahrenheit degree
(thermodynamic temperature)

Now besides getting a laugh from all the decimal points...

31 Below Zero!!! Man, that's like living in Alaska in the winter!!! Are you up high in the mountains, or way up north, or both???
On the fertile dongbei plains - just way north. only thing north of me is siberia but then its also to the south east as well LOL!! not rice paddies here but do have some great skiing.
the ice and snow festival is mind blowing so is watching tigers eat at the local park. Its a nice place
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