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If you have the option the 185/60 14s will be superior for FE than the 185/55 14s. The extra half centimeter in profile gives you an extra full centimeter in tire diameter or 3 extra centimeters in circumference.

I think what the dealer might have meant is you'd have to mount something like 190/60 14s. The first is the tire width, second is profile height(height the tire extends above and below the rim) and the inner wheel diamter. Tire width is bad for aero, profile is good(if it fits in your wheel well) and inner diamter is good.

Depending on the suspension. . .I would gamble the dealer is likely not as correct as they think. Alot of times changing the wheel size has very little effect on the ride height thanks in part to the suspension and the alignment components. I dropped from 225/60 18s to 185/65 14s and the car is only a little tiny bit shorter, so in effect the frontal area generated from the extra exposed tire. . .is very small. Underbelly and air dam for the front will help if you put bigger tires on(because you'll have a good bit more airflow under the car).
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