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rear lights

Originally Posted by ChrstphrR View Post
I was thinking of a simular idea independantly of you, dbisers.

I was thinking of a boattail attaching from a hitch. A few issues block me from persuing this yet, like

1) Not having a hitch on my car (yet?). Hunting around, I can get one for around $200.
2) My idea of a boattail would obscure my rear lights, so I'd have to do some research into trailer / local statutes, and then, wiring diagrams, to splice in the harness to enable lights.
3) Moving in a few months, to return to school. I'd love to have this ready beforehand, but because of the previous two, and finances, I'll delay until I have access to my Dad's workshop (including fibreglass supplies - woo!) in said few months.

Be a pioneer, and show us what can be done with a bike-rack based setup, dbisers!
The sides of the tail can be relieved to allow the vehicles taillights to be visible from the rear.Reflectors and reflective tape can be applied to the back of the tail for added visibility.Also,the license plate can be moved to the back of the tail.The top of the tail can also be relieved to allow the third brake light to be visible from behind.
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