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Originally Posted by vinny1989 View Post
So... your custom controller could control anything from a bike at 24V to a car at 144v? higher?
Yes. I used it to run my electric bike hub motor. Well, with 200v components, you don't want to go much over 144v, since when the pack is full, it's quite a bit higher than 144v. You do need a 12v auxiliary battery for the controller though. The control section uses less than 5 watts, so you could even use the last battery (connected to ground) in your series string to power it, and it's such a puny power requirement that I don't think it would get too out of balance, but I don't know.

DCB: You are right! Many of those controller behaviors are EXPECTED behaviors. Some of the control section behaviors have been tested, but maybe we could make a weenie power section (1 mosfet/diode/cap ) and do all sorts of horrible things to it. Terrible, terrible things... hahaha!
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