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Thumbs up Death Wish Questions

Originally Posted by slurryguy View Post
Hey relax,

It's been a hot day. Drink a cold beverage of your choice.

Nobody is attempting to tell Paul to design protection against every possible installation error. No worries. I was interested to learn what he thought it could withstand.

My "Death Wish" questions were intended to be fun. It sure seems that Paul took them that way too.

Paul has already designed this controller such that it can probably take more abuse than any commercial controller on the market, if things work out the way he hopes they do. (and I hope they do too.) I'm well aware that there are no guarantees.

Meanwhile, if I think of more silly questions ... I'm going to ask them. It's one of the ways I learn things. I always thought the most stupid question was the one in my head that I was too afraid to ask.

For Example:

Death Wish 10:

What if Oprah dressed in a Bikini and sat on the hood of an EV like a car babe? How would the controller withstand this kind of pressure situation?
OH MY, The Wombat has turned into a POSSUM!!!! By any chance is there a scream circuit in it? Take care, Watt
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