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Originally Posted by Tygen1 View Post
The place I worked at back in 1997 rented one like that for a month. It was almost worthless. Maybe they are better now, however if you use it a lot, it starts to stink real bad. I would leave it on all night soaking parts and they wouldn't come clean. I couldn't even get the oilly residue off of my parts. I just quit using it and went back to the solvent tank or the caustic soap.
this brings me back to the early 1990s as well. I was a grub in the pit stall at a quick lube, cleaned tranny pans if need be. It ended up being simply kerosene type cleaner, the rest was as crazy as mobil 1 at the time (mobil1 was not an instant winner for you oil fans..Shhhh) The biofriendly excuses walked away with dollars and no real result.

anyway, years later, I help clean an independent drivers rig, and there is still no excuses. gonna put ingredients together that create something nasty, like oil and antifreeze and even freon...there needs to be an equal enemy.
I hope they do come out with something, for now, there is the "barely legal" caustic stuff that folks can use at home... and once even a true external clean happens, the benfit of such a cleaner stops crazy things mixing in the first place, as cleaning is a preventative. It is only bad in wrong places, like everything else
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