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Originally Posted by NoCO2 View Post
Ok, so I need some advice on this to see if it's worth even investigating further.

I found a 1997 Geo Metro hatchback (pictures attached) for sale nearby for $2000. My question is, is it worth investigating at that price judging from the picture below.

The ad says that it's an Automatic () and that it has 160K on it. How much will the auto tranny cost me in average fuel consumption / how annoying will it make FE driving / how easy is it to swap for a manual. And how long do these things usually run for, is 160K considering near the end of the life for a metro?

Thanks in advance for the info.

New to site ......hello all.

Just reading about your inquiry of the Geo Metro........I drive a 95 Geo Hatchback.......
it has 338,000 kms on it and going strong. The cars are small, but mileage is great.....and the hatchback makes the best moving van of all. My automatic is manual steering........has no added options........If I have to buy another car...........only a Geo will do.........I worked in a GM dealership service.......the only time we saw Geo's were for oil changes..........can't say the same about a lot of other vehicles.
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