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I just got done driving home in my Scion Xa from Scranton, PA. I have no modification on my xA. I recently changed the spark plugs and am driving with a cracked/leaky exhaust manifold which the dealer is hopefully going to fix for free.

My MPG was 49.2!

Air temp was about 70. My car was fully warmed up when I filled up before my trip.

This is by using my ultra steady throttle technique, driving b/t 45-50 mph. I had steady throttle for my whole trip (71 some miles) and had only 3 stops. I used mild acceleration and shift at 2,000 rpms. I also on 4-5 occasions shifted into neutral going down some nice downhill sections on I-81 North. I am sure I could pull over 50 with some actual mods. So dont lose hope scion xA owners.
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