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Ha! You guys are gonna like this!

The Toyota Matrix 2007 does NOT need the L line to initialize!

Last night I made up a dedicated L line interface, removed the K to L jumper and used the new interface, rebuilt the software and... it failed. I verified I was getting voltage on the L line and K line during init... yet it did not work whereas the jumpered K to L line set up did...


I noticed that the resister I used in the original set up was not labeled as a 520, even though the packaging had labeled it as such. I swapped it out for a 560 I had on hand, disengaged the L line interface (unplugged from the Arduino), and ... the K only interface worked like a charm...

I guess the jumpering the K to L line brought the K line into spec to become within tolerance and accepted by the car...

So... now I will rebuild the K line interface (one single 33290 chip) and go from there (I don't have any valid 520s, but the 560 seems to be acceptable - and no stores around town carry any.)
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