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Originally Posted by LeanBurninating View Post
HAha good times. I have driven for three lemons races here in Tracy, CA at altamont. I think the first one I drove in was the first ever but Im not positive.

Theres always plenty of carnage! I got to watch a early 90s integra literally spit out internals onto pit road. One time I was mid corner when a front control arm ball joint sheared off and the car dropped anchor as the inside front wheel went sideways. That was interesting. And another time our car failed from blown head gasket from a coolant leak from a little love tap. I drove the car during its last hours of survival, running on gas air and water, probably oil too. As long as you kept your foot to the floor it would run..

And there is NOTHING like pit maneuvering the yahoos that can't drive. So long as the officials arent looking.

For the people who have little or no race driving experience its spectacular. Time of their lives. There are no required credentials or qualifications other than the willingness to die. For the rest of them that CAN drive, its frustrating at times (like when you get passed under yellow and nobody notices) and its something you have to try once, but for me ..... well one friend of mine summarized my opinion this way: "winning a lemons race isnt worth a warm bucket of piss." Its a lot of work for something that dont mean nothing.

It should be obvious that if you can drive you shouldn't really be on a lemons track. Lol
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