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Coding style vs Function

I am over joyed at all those who have been making great suggestions concerning the perfection of the controller code. Thanks to all who have contributed!!

I am one of those old f*arts who has lived through decades of debates concerning coding styles and best practices.

I suggest one Rule for the micro code. Let Paul assimilate all the proper FUNCTIONAL changes to the point where he and the testers are satisfied that the controller meets the functional needs of Beta Release 1.0 (or you pick a name).
Once that is done, anyone is free to take the code and run it through whatever "pretty" filter they want to make it look like they want. But for now, leave coding style out of the discussion to make it easier for Paul.

Paul is doing a great job with this project at the same time is taking care of his family in this tough economic time. He deserves all the help we can give, but lets focus on function for now and get this thing running.

Ok, I'll get off my soap-box now and think about more pleasant memories of coding and product release successes. OOOooooooohhhhhhhhhmmmmmm.
OOOoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. mantra....mantra.....mantra

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