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If they do end up passing this type of crazy legislation, it sounds like an opportunity to have some fun. Just like people have gotten wild with ringtones on cellphones, the owner of an illegally quiet EV, hybrid in shealth mode (or FAS'ing nonhybrid) could install a small speaker and broadcast the operational sounds of their favorite real or fantasy vehicle. So your car could sound like the Batmobile, a Star Wars landspeeder, TIE fighter, George Jetson's ride, or even like a team of Clydesdales. For added fun, link the volume and/or tempo to the position of your accelerator. Change the legally required sound to match your mood. The sky's the limit since, they legislated that your car MUST make a noise. I wonder if there will be a maximum dB level to the noise that your car must make to let people know that it there.
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