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Froggy> Congrats! And thanks for the reminder, yes the extended ScanGauge
OBD<->RJ45 will save a bit of space in comparison to RS232 for the same price ~$20. Also lowrise Freeduino with USB mini-B connector helps..
ScanGaugeII - Scan Tool + Digital Gauges + Trip Computers
ScanGaugeII - How to Buy

I'm glad that the ISO connection horror stories did not turn that bad afterall,
that put me away for some time..


Has anybody considered placing these control buttons on the steering wheel for easier/safer driving? But that would demand some sort of wireless comm. or heavy disassembly of the wheel..

Perhaps hacking this SNES Remote ($5) featuring joy + 6 other buttons.

wireless hack to this SNES controller (433MHz ASK based):
/obviously we need much smaller batt. so the size/price goes down..

or something similar to these basic 4channel RF controls:

hacking OEM Audi 3x button remote assembly:

Some RF links 3-400Mhz from Arduino shop (probably single channel):


adding sensors to the mix, for instance:
-compass heading (Hitachi HM55B <$30)
-GPS or connection to handheld unit via GPS/NMEA parser called TinyGPS
(!reading from multiple soft serial devices via NewSoftSerial library,
-DCF77 based radio clock ("atomic time")


Btw. was there any follow up to that nice Graphic LCD 128*64 (KS0108)
mod - as posted way back approx. around page #21 ??


Ladyada's tutorial on Arduino and parallel char. LCDs connection:

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