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Thank you. It was really nice to see I didn't require the L line. It's too bad I had an incorrect resister in my order as it caused a lot of stress.

I am happy with the J45 connection. If someone else is doing one, use an OHM meter and use that to find your power, ground, and K line outputs. J45 modules can have the plug in alternate orientations. Of the two connectors I have one is 1 -> 8, the other is 8 -> 1... Use the Ohm meter to verify exactly the pins you need and where they are on the circuit board. (Especially if like me you've put the connector on a standard circuit board which forces the pins out of the staggered array.)

Ummm... Putting the buttons on the steering wheel for SAFE driving? How can this work? If you're playing with buttons, and reading displays, you're not looking out for the child running out after their soccer ball. Save button pushing for when you are stopped and you can safely move your hands off the steering wheel and your eyes off the road. Saving a little bit of fuel is less important that safety.

Welcome to the project, I wish you success at first hook up!
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