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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I'm also not sure what is used on newer cars. I'm pretty sure my Paseo doesn't cycle according to temp set (on the very rare occasion when I do use it). So, I always keep my temperature set to full cold and adjust cabin temps with the fan speed and vent positions. I do the same with the Matrix.
I do this as well.

A modern A/C will cycle. It does that naturally, however it dosen't cycle based on the temperature you set in the cabin as far as i know. Rather it cycles based on the pressures the A/C system sees. If your driving on the highway, and don't have a grill block however, the highside pressure won't get high enough to tell the compressor to take a break I don't think. This isn't something that gets tested in the EPA test, therefore there is little incentive to have a smart A/C. However, many A/C's will cycle off during heavy aceleration.

What would be damned cool would be a 2-stage compressor. 1 for light cooling needs, 1 for texas.

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