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The newer "climate control" systems have thermostats. If it doesn't have "climate control" it doesn't monitor interior car temps at all. It could be 4 degrees F in there and it would still try and pump what it thinks is cold air in.

They won't be fighting the heater core. Even really really old systems don't do that. If you set it to heat the air flows by the engine. If you set it to cold it blocks off that loop so it doesn't preheat the air. You are fighting the external temps and your AC runs full tilt in anything not climate control. Best bet is to run it full-tilt until it reaches the not very comfortable chilly point, cut AC and recirculate, kick AC back on as it gets to the warm part of the comfort but leave it on recirculate(you are no longer cooling from external temps of say 80-90 but interior temps of 70-80).

This is a higher user input form of climate control thats gives you the same efficiency(slightly more climate control will not automatically recycle air unless you tell it to).
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