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hondo434, yes, I do drive the 93 Tercel, and I use hypermiling tactics. However, for the purpose of testing, driving habits would remain the same whether or not the magnet is on. If the magnets do work, then I should get even better mileage even with hypermiling methods being used. As long as you drive the same (i.e., drive for 20 miles at a constant 55MPH), then there should be a difference in the amount of gas used, if they are truly effective. Cruise control is perfect for this because it can be more accurate - my car does not have cruise, but I can keep a steady speed, especially on flat roads.

Anyway, some sort of testing like this needs to be done in order to claim that it is effective. It's easy to have a 'placebo effect' when performing a modification on your car - you want it to get better mileage, so you naturally drive a little slower without realizing it. Or, it could be warmer out that day, so there's a free MPG increase - it's hard to quantify how effective one modification is unless you perform a test on it.
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