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Ecomodder is a great site! I have lurked a few times, but just signed up so I can post.

My daily driver is a 1994 Camaro with the 6 speed manual. I check the gas mileage most tanks. It gets 21 mpg quite regularly, 6 to 7 mph on the race track, and 3 mpg doing autocross. All four seats get used regularly. It has the minor ecomods of having the antenna removed, running high pressure in the tires (~51 psi front and 44 psi rear), and cornering mods. Yes, cornering mods can save a little gas, you don't have to bleed down so much speed for turns . My ecomod driving habits include often shifting directly from 2nd to 5th (the car has a lot of torque, so it drives city speeds easily in 5th), trying to avoid overslowing for corners, and coasting down long hills (never compromising safety, of course). Going 65 vs. 75 doesn't seem to affect the mileage. I'll confess I haven't tried gentle acceleration's affects on mileage . Next time I go out-of-state I want to try the "accelerate and coast" thing and see if the gas mileage improves.

T-tops off or on, air co on or off doesn't seem to affect the gas mileage. My area switches fuels for winter, and my mileage drops 10% then, except for last winter with Blizzak tires. I'm checking how their rolling resistance compares to my other tires (I have the data, just have to analyze it still).

I'm doing the ultimate ecomod on my Camaro, replacing it with an electric car! I'm chipping away at converting an old Porsche to electric power. The aerodynamics are close to identical to the Camaro (the Camaro has superb aero), but it is about 1000 lbs lighter as a gas car, and should be about 500 lbs lighter even after conversion. Initially I'll be charging off the grid, but eventually I plan to add some solar and wind recharging.

You can see some pics of my Porsche conversion to electric power here:

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