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Originally Posted by MechEngVT View Post
Why aren't you using a normal core support? I would think you could get one in a junkyard from an insight that had been mounted by a semi. That would solve your concerns about radiator rigidity and provide for a hood latch.
Well, I really wanted to fabricate for the sake of improving my fabrication skill, but I guess I will actually have to buy the original front bulkhead from Honda here. Salvage frontal crash parts for the Insight are all but unobtainable. Though there are Insights with 300kmi out there, they don't seem ready to retire to the junkyard yet. Most of the ones in the junkyard were involved in low-speed frontal collisions.

Another reason to fabricate: The factory radiator is off center, which means my grille opening will be off center as well. I guess that doesn't affect the aerodynamics too much, but it's gonna look mighty odd when I'm done.

Hmm, I didn't know radiators are vibration sensitive. What, do the fins come unsoldered? Yeah, I was going to use the two rubber feet that came with the radaitor.

Btw, the entire cooling system capacity is one gallon - 8 lbs. The radiator fan motor probably weighs as much as the radiator + coolant. I'm continually impressed by this car.

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