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I've been looking at rigging up a kill switch, and figured on going to the fuel injector, but I'm worried about throwing a CEL. I wanna rig up an old school footswitch like what used to be a high/low beam switch, 30-40 years ago.

Until I figure this out, I'll do my usual, turn the key. I don't turn it all the way to the next click, but I can do it just a tad (10 deg?) so the engine goes off. NEVER keep the key in anything but the regular ON position while its moving.

Bump start in high gears, 5th or 4th if going slow. Don't do anything else, just put it in gear and let out the clutch. I rarely let the clutch out all the way, push it back in when you start to feel a loss in momentum then rev the engine to match your speed or switch gears. Then let out the clutch all the way.

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