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My opinion is that a modern car is much nicer. However nicer isn't necessary.

All reliability and repair-based discussion aside (because it isn't relevant to this discussion) - a 2010 CheapCar is quieter, supposedly safer, handles better in performance driving, and is often faster than a 1985 CheapCar.

But I somehow managed to put 410,000 miles on a 1981 Escort. That was trips to work, trips to school, trips around the country, a trip to frickin Alaska.... Did I have a dozen airbags? Could I do .98G on a skid pad? Did I have a 9 speaker Bose stereo? Nein! Could I maintain 75mph all the way from Phoenix up to Flagstaff? HA! But I went everywhere, didn't die, and got 45+ mpg doing it. The machine did its job - namely moving me and my stuff from where it was to where I wanted it to be. For approaching half a million miles.

It is my opinion that as long as motorcycles are legal to own and drive with their lack of airbags, antistop brakes, dynamic diddlyturd controls and whatever... so should 4 wheeled vehicles without 900lbs of "nice to have, but not necessary" safety equipment. As long as it's still legal to drive a 65 horsepower 1980 slowmobile on the road, it should be legal to sell a brand new version of the exact same thing. Why the hell not? There should be no LEGAL difference whatsoever between restoring a 30 year old "unsafe" car to brand new condition, and building a brand new "unsafe" car.
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