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As shovel said, it's almost Orwellian that motorcycles, which offer *zero* protection, are street-legal, while cars are expected to pass dozens of safety tests and carry dozens more "features". Virtually any car made in the last 100 years will fare better in an accident (and will do more for its inhabitants) than any motorcycle in existence. It's flat out ridiculous.

Regarding the article, I didn't read it; there's a steady amount of garbage in any capitalistic society that urges people to buy things they don't need simply for the sake of having them. Asking people who value mpg to "look beyond it" is like asking people who tow horses to "look beyond" low-end torque. And yes, gas is going back to $3/gallon. I hope it's above $4 by the end of the year, though I doubt it will be.
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