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Off-road cart made road legal?

Anyone see a problem with using something like this:

As a daily driver/city vehicle? Using a very small engine (probably no more than 5 HP), acceptably efficient chaindrive/CVT setup, and making a body and lights sufficient to sustain legality under applicable traffic safety laws, it could be registered as a kit car in most states... any downfall to this?

I'd think it's a half decent frame concept to start with, ultra light (if you built it yourself, it could be made of aluminum), sufficiently powerful, and with proper body work, it could be made decently aero as well... I'm working on getting the piping to start building one, so I can use a small Briggs motor and a kerosene conversion (running waste oil instead).

I dunno if I'll ever get it done, b/c it's a "wanna" project, but it would be nice, wouldn't it?

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