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Nobody's saying a 1980mobile is awesome.

Personally what I'm saying is as long as adults in the so-called land of the free are free to choose to buy a no-safety-features motorcycle, adults are free to choose to drive a 40 year old car with lap belts, adults are free to choose to buy a convertible, adults are free to drive a beat-up car with sloppy worn out suspension and brakes, not to mention free to do a billion other things that are more likely to kill them (like live the kind of lifestyle that makes one obese for example) - then those same supposedly free adults should also be able to choose to buy a brand new car that isn't saddled with a million features they may not need. Tata should be allowed to sell the Nano over here without having to $$$ nerf it up for the US market.

By the same token, consumers who insist on a safer car can go buy one, there are plenty on the market. Consumers who don't want to ride in someone else's less nerfy car are always free to say no thank you to a ride. See how easy that is?
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