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I found modern to be nicer via the steel (unibody gentle), as facts unfolded, an inside anger of facts emerged...along with my knowledge earned from public service of many many machines...
a beeline to subarus last tractor trailer wagon: a 1987 dual range AWD stiff as a spring board carbed subaru, still "playing" with hypermilers on its rally gnarled tread, oversized wheels, original engine, and ready to cross the continent, with 100feet of weld crossing the thresholds of grinding tolerance (unless you got half a day, let the dangles dangle) and probably worlked into that tricky uinibody weight of nearly 3000 pounds...with less than 1.8 liters, I cruise in the 80s to singing alloys on bad tread (it still sings that boxer balance).
To each thier own.

I have made a prediction, it will build a bridge from yesterday to today, fools can no longer play with billions of dollars and peoples lives. If you got an old civic tinkered into wonderful that is stll doing better than opinions, you are truly driving the facts.
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