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Originally Posted by Cyruscosmo View Post
I have one of those developer kits ordered for the processor you have used for this controller so I figured Id start by making the traction motor drive work then tinker with the remote mount part. I was just wondering if my thinking was correct as far as mounting the Fet drive components in with the Fets and connecting the control box with the driver box via a CAT5.
It may be easier to have a small driver board that basically has the mosfet driver(s), and solder points for the gate resistors, and driver output wire, and power section ground wires (perhaps 2 of the power section ground wires). The power section grounding wires that connect the driver board to the power section should have lots of surface area, like a wide braid of copper. Very low inductance. Then, connect the control board to that driver board via CAT5, and the driver board is permanently connected to the power board (with the mosfets/diodes/caps). I think that would be a very good way to go! You should try it!
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