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There's a 3-wheel version,probably made by the company next door in China,that is street-legal.It sells,retail for two-and-a-half times the price of a Tata Nano($5,500 US ).---------------- In a perfect world without traffic crashes,a person could ecoMod one of these babies and end up with a pretty fun high mpg'er.------------- The flip-side is reality,with Barbie and Ken running a red light and T-boning you.There is virtually no side-impact protection.The human body is most vulnerable to this type of assault.As Barbie's car makes impact and your car displaces lateraly, your head impacts the on-rushing car,your brain is knocked into a figure-eight interior dynamic which severs the brain stem.That's it! Humpty-Dumpty!---------- No doubt,if one pursues safety,certainly you could minimize risk to injury through modifications.I would look to Formula-1 and Indycar technology for clues.
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