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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Quite true aerohead. I haven't dug through the service manual.

More testing shows:
ign off - .1A
ign to Acc - .22A
ign on (engine off) - 2.15A

The last number was really the one I was after. If I go alternatorless, about half of my trip is with the engine off. So, if the car uses (the average guess of) 25A, I'll really only be using ~13A since my engine is off half the time. This should easily allow me to use a group 24 marine battery that I already have laying around without discharging it too much on my daily commute.

I did also go for a short spin around the block testing headlights and fan since that is really the only things I use in the car besides the stereo which pulls very little power. Unfortunately, the 200A gauge is not nearly accurate enough to get any specific numbers.
Since 746 Watts is equivalent to a horsepower,you may be able to normalize your electric loads in terms of HP saved,and use relationships of rolling resistance and aero loads to help extrapolate savings ( like maybe the alternator delete would be equivalent to removing sideview mirrors or adding LRR tires).This would make it easier for everyone to build their savings on paper without spending money until the paper said to do it.
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