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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Good! I hope this trend keeps up.
Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
I'm trying to figure out why every state keeps raising the speed limits even when our political heros say we need to cut our dependence on oil. Is this a way to crush the hybrids and electric cars before they make it to the market or is it that much of a time is money thing?
Maybe because they realize that speed limit on the highway are unenforceable and at best simply serve to line the pockets of local authorities.
Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
History repeats it self. The death rates were sure higher when the speed limit departed from 55 mph. *Shrug*
Theres a lot of evidence out there showing that "Drive 55" cost a lot of innocent lives.
Originally Posted by bestmapman View Post
The problem is most people don't obey the lower speed limits anyway. This is probably a bad thing because as I go 55 in the slow lane now people will think they can go even faster with the higher limits.
As long as you stick to the slow lane, it shouldn't be a problem.

If politicians really wanted to reduce our dependence on oil, we would have a la law limiting vehicles of more than 4000lb to the right lane. Don't enforce a different speed limit on SUVs and trucks, just nab them when they get into the fast lane. Call it a safety issue

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