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PA's vehicle code doesn't even specify external mirrors... you can get away with "a mirror which provides an ample view of the rear and sides of the vehicle" or something like that... I don't feel like digging out the code book to find the exact quoted phrase.

Basically, to get a title in PA, you have to go through a State Safety and Equipment Inspection. This is nothing more than a check to make sure that your vehicle meets the minimum road requirements for this state. Once that's done, you get a title and VIN plates, and they tell you where to put the plates on the vehicle, then you get it registered, and you're good. Insurance is an issue, though. Many insurance companies won't insure "kit" cars. Those that do, often charge outrageous amounts, and for that reason, it may be less economical to do this. That's part of the reason it fell into a "Sunday" project... when I have the time, I play with it a bit.

AFAIK - in PA, you need:
2 rear marker lights, which can be integrated with brake lights

3 brake lights, at the extreme corners of the rear and center high mounted,

2 turn signals, left and right, which must be separate from brake lights (separate bulbs, can be the same housing, and can be integrated with tail lights, as long as the brake/tail aren't combined)

Hazard lights, which can be turn signal integrated.

The "sufficient" mirror.

Headlights, which, along with all other lights, have a min/max height/size requirement.

Bumpers, front and rear, with impact struts.

A full firewall and floor (you can't see the road by looking down.)

And those are the basics. You can't allow simple "touch and go" access to hot parts, excluding a tail pipe or muffler. Exhaust gasses must not be allowed to accumulate in the "passenger compartment" if it's an enclosed (able to be enclosed) space by design.

That's about all I can remember now, but it's pretty basic stuff... it's not really that hard to get a vehicle road legal in PA.
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