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Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
? My father got two speeding tickets in Texas about 6 months ago... Hardly unenforceable Funny part is, they were within 20 minutes of each other... After that, he stuck to the posted limit...
Ok great. So they got one guy. Everybody else still speeds. Most people might get a ticket or a warning every few years, slow down for a while and then forget about again. Thats hardly an effective deterrent. I've been pulled over for speeding about 3 or 4 times in my life and I was always able to talk my way out of it. Cops realize the 65 and 70mph speed limit around here is rediculous. They use it as an excuse to check on drivers but they'll rarely hand out tickets unless you were doing something really egregious like passing on the right, blocking traffic, weaving between cars or going over 90mph.
Austria has an extremely effective enforcement system. Every 2 km theres a speed camera. The speed limit is 110km. 10km over and you get a ticket in the mail. Anything more and they pull you over next time a cop car sees you. I doubt Utah or any other state wants to waste tax payer money for such a draconian system. But it works. Everybody drives 110.

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