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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Why not consult THE OWNER'S MANUAL?!?
Anything old that respnds to modern synthetic leaves the ecomodder in thier own schedule (my own example is an 87 that loves to lube up to castrol syntec..-22F january, changed il last fall, it is now june, and it is clear as water , with a tint of what it is of course).

put an extreme lube in a legendary drivetrain and that whats I got...
The normal routine would be oil filter, this '87 has taught me that outside sources do indeed get into the base of an engine, fuel by the rings, air in the pcv, and other chemistries that intakes suck in don't just leave sometimes...
if anything stay synthetic and feel things out, but do change the filter more than even an owners manual might say.
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