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Wow ... intense post...

There are many great points ...

It's all about rights and being courteous, the former is used too much by the selfish and the latter is rarely used at all any more.

Your rights end where mine begin and vice versa. The roads are equally for all. Hypermilers have the right to use the minimum LEGAL limit and others have the right to use the maximum LEGAL speed. NO ONE has the right to go under minimum and NO ONE has the right to go over. Each cause a safety issue with the latter being the most dangerous and may even merit citizen intervention to protect society.

If a hypermiler's LEGAL minimum speed is prohibiting someone's LEGAL maximum speed it courteous to assist them to pass. Hit the right lane if safely possible in multi-lanes ... hug the right or even hug the shoulder if safely possible. Anything safe... if not possible then ok.

In turn, the maximum LEGAL speed driver needs the courtesy of not tailgating or engaging in road rage scenarios and passing safely at the first chance.
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