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warm air intake mod ('98 Civic HX)

Sup guys.

Ive been running a PVC pipe intake for a while now, and im getting ready to swap it out for one that will soak up more heat. Im having trouble staying in lean burn mode, and this is likely one of the culprits.

So far, Ive had a friend of mine at his muffler shop take a bit of steel 2.5" exhaust tubing and crush bend it to make a good pipe that will work well. We pressed out the irregularities that the crushing caused as best we could. It doesn't look like a nice mandrel bent piece but it does look decent. The size and bend should be perfect.

I was just going to do only this, but then an idea came to me. I have been doing a bit of part time helping out at this performance shop for diesel pickups. One of the popular mods is called a heater grid delete. Check it out.

They remove this heater grid for a more free flowing setup. The result is a bunch of used factory heater grids sitting around at the shop. Yes!!!

Im going to look into it more and see how much one of these used factory units will cost, how well I can fit it in, and how hot this thing really gets. My intake requires some rubber fittings and stuff, I just want to make sure Im not gonna melt anything.

Im sure it probably runs on +12 dc volts, but I don't know if I need to put a fuse in line or?? Will I be wiring it right up to the battery? Is it possible to rig it up for variable intensity? I guess we'll find out.

If it works out I would like to have it on a toggle switch next to my e brake.

What do you think?

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