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I suspect that the main reason they are adding the gas engine to these cars is that air powered cars in cold climets don't really work! every design that I have seen for an air powered car has a radiator to warm the air befor it goes to the air motor, and that a commen problem in humid enviroments is that radiator freezing up.
I did read an interesting artical a while back about a liquid nitrogen hybrid electric, were the nitrogen cooled the wires, and motor bringing making them better conductors of electricity, and that in turn made the nitrogen boil/expand so that it could turn a turbine that ran a generator that powered the car...

My dad works at a university and has said that their air compressers are alwas being repaired, and have huge motors on them that draw tons of power, and that is just to compress air to 1/10 of the presure that an air powered car would need.
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