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Originally Posted by charlie_fd View Post
If other people would like to test the serial link, I've uploaded the changes in the r16 on svn. Here are the modifications: Changeset 16 for trunk/HighVoltageController.c - Open ReVolt - Trac

For testing conect a null modem cable to your pc and receive at 19200baud with 8n1. Any java programmer outthere wants to make the client for this?

Ups! I had commented out the HighPedalLockout ... Restored it in r17.
I've put a little java client together that will monitor the serial port based on the above code. I could probably add a little more to log the data to a file in csv format.

As the code above only seems to transmit the current draw.....

since I don't have an Atmega, I wrote up some PIC code to perform essentially the same thing in order to test the Java code

I am by no means an expert programmer......but your welcome to it if it helps the cause.

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