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I think that is a solution to something that isn't a problem, just pick a battery pack that will accept the draw you are placing on it.

Wouldn't it be simpler and cheaper to use batteries rated for the draw placed on them, instead of a second set of more expensive batteries?

I notice that White Zombie uses Lead acid, and does pretty well (I don't think you are planning on using twin WARP motors to drag race.)

You get a loss of energy as the electrons travel (through a semi-conductor, not a super conductor), and as the (1st) battery discharges, and as it recharges the 2nd battery. Just using the energy in the motor would make it so much simpler, and you would need an even larger battery pack to make up for the losses in a dual-pack system. If you could make friends with somebody living at the beginning of your uphill and have a battery pack waiting to swap it would be good, or even a trailer battery pack (although now you are moving more mass uphill, it would be a charged battery, perhaps with a higher draw rating.)

All of this talk is way off-topic though.

Way to go Paul! Still watching with interest, the power section looks terrific, I like the bend on the legs, looks like plenty of contact on the solder pads.

I wonder about the Cat5 connection, since you already have an opto-isolator couldn't you exchange that for a Fiber-optic transmitter jack (and matching reciever), I can get them out of hi-fi equipment for nothing, and they sell fiber optic cable at wal-mart!

That way you could mount the controller inside while keeping the high voltages safely away.

That is all cosmetic though, as long as it works the packaging is up to the end-user.
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