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Originally Posted by charlie_fd View Post converting from hex to ASCII inside the uC witch in my opinion is a waste of uC cycles (the conversion can be done in the client on the computer)...
If it is human readable then it isn't a waste of time, because more people will read it. Just because you know how to install a custom client does not mean everyone does. But most PCs/many PDAs etc have some sort of terminal program at their disposal (i.e. hyperterminal, whatever). So the target audience for this uart code that was coerced into existance becomes much larger.

P.S. Paul, I got rid of the bootloader on the guino for reliability purposes (and space too), just fyi. Had a few cases where the chip messed itself and it seemed like having code that is sitting around waiting to rewrite the chip was the likely culprit in flakey voltage conditions. I also disable spm commands in the fuses.

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