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OOPS! Should've read the original post. Guess you did the gearing.

Well I still think you can reach 100 mpg. I picked up 5+ mpg on my Connie by lowering the fuel level in the float bowls about 10mm, effectively leaning all circuits. This may have other adverse affects on the main, but I almost never dip into the main circuits.

To do it better weld in a bung on the exhaust and install a cheap O2 sensor and monitor the voltage with an AFR gauge or a voltmeter. Adjust jetting, air orifices and mixture screws accordingly after doing good research on how your carbies work. This will get you pretty darn close and you won't spend $400 on a wide band set up.

Additionally, I'm considering using intake air heat to seasonally fine tune the carbs though I don't know how effective it will be with the CV carbs we have.

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