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Originally Posted by DonR View Post
If your new Blaster 2 has runs at a higher voltage than what you were running before, you should be able to take advantage of by using a larger plug gap. If this is the case you may see increased erosion on the plugs & may want to consider a different electrode material. If it runs at the same voltage you will probably need to use a similar gap as before.

I swapped in a GM HEI distributor into my Jeep. From 30,000 to 40,000 volts. Stock .035", now .042". I can notice a difference. But there are other differances between the two distributors also.

I don't mess with gaps either when upgrading. It seems funny to read 40000 volts, I upgraded an old sube from <7000 to 11000.
In 2007, I swapped out the three remaining original NGK old school "crap keepers" after 20years (exactly the month it turned 20- Freakin amazing). the bosch platinums work nice on the lower coil at 11000.
I too run an 8v 4cyl engine, but its a boxer. Different world of physics for the fires. Inlines need special attention, as most long time users figure out. I would go with the coppers too if in the scenario, and wouldn't even step up the coil too far unless the head was known to be a bullet proof rock, as well as pistons. most 8v are anyway, but there is extremes there too from the past.(ie, 83 escort)
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