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I'm going to try gapping my plugs down to 0.025 soon. Definitely am getting god mileage right now though. I've got a real heavy foot, so take that into consideration. I need to source something cheap to replace my leaking filler neck hose. OEM part is $80 for 5" of rubber. No thanks.

Right now, the plugs are 0.032, and the idle is a bit lumpy. Back with 0.028 platinums and an aging stock coil, it was smooth as silk.

But on the last tank, I lost over 3 gallons due to the leak, and still managed 25mpg. That'd have been almost 36mpg if it weren't for the leak. Includes a lot of lead foot and maybe 50/50. Too bad the good mileage is also from running excessively lean. Somehow, the o2 ecu is still thinking everything is normal, even with a new o2 sensor. I'm pretty sure the noisy fuel pump isn't putting enough fuel pressure for the system. NOx was almost 3x the legal limit for the car, and about 9x higher than "normal"

It's so bad the back bumper by the tail is browned from heat, vs black from rich or nothing with neutral.

Come on, someone has to have tried different gaps. How does heat range come into play as well? Wider gap and higher heat range? Or lower? I'm not looking to lose any performance. If anything, gain performance, especially now since I want to be able to fully utilize the msd blaster 2. Hell, performance and economy should go hand in hand, discounting driving habits.
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