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Here's the message that the filmmakers rejected unread:

Bonjour mes amis,

I'm sure you are aware that the Contact and English buttons are not working, but I hope you will forward this to the film editing department.

One of my favourite signs was posted in a Vermont newspaper office:

Cherish the english language.
It is the only thing that distinguishes us
from the photographers.

Your film "Home" is a total triumph of photography, but the english narration was so poorly written that I felt that it almost ruined the film. I appreciate the need to simplify, but that does not need to lead to so much distortion and faulty logic. Perhaps the most obvious example of spin was a picture of women building water reservoirs, where the text says "with their bare hands" and the graphics show modern picks and shovels. "By hand" is the proper description.

Also, we are already into terra incognita in Siberia - the lakes are bubbling methane. I didn't make a list of all the errors I spotted, but if you send me the script, I'd be happy to annotate it for you.

If I could add one thing to the credits, it would be a picture of your camera ship or ships. I grew up with an aviation photographer, so I'm most impressed.
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