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If this scoot is something that you use almost everyday, like mine, then I would suggest first trying various combination of roller/slider weights until you find the right mix to allow a speed that you are comfortable with. I would also invest in a tachometer so you know how hard your engine is working in relation to that speed. If you have one of the sport GY6 scoots, then you are in luck. I am currently working on replacing my "non-tached" gauges with a set of OEM gauges that include a tach. I'll let you know how that goes. Having instant feedback from the engine speed is a very basic need for tuning for economical riding.

Changing out your exhaust system might give you a weight savings but that's about it. The factory exhaust on these scooters is not very restrictive. Any performance boost is negligible. I've been there. Trust me. It's a lot for money for not a lot of return. (They are pretty though.)

Also, in order to keep your scoot running right after installing an aftermarket exhaust, you'll have to enrich the carb jetting, which will allow more fuel to flow and, obviously, hurt your mileage.

Did you try cranking the bike after you got it home? You may have just been experiencing heat soak. These little things rely only on the crank fan to keep them cool and keeping them cool is key to their longevity.
I'm also toying around with the idea of ducting some cooling tubes which will blow air from the front of the bike onto the head. We'll see how that does.
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