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personx, tell us about your idea.

Would the pulses of an electric (solenoid type with internal pressure sensitive shut off) fuel pump work?

The one i had in the 70's worked very well. it was two piece die cast, so each side had one half of a round groove. (your better seal) so i'm thinking we'll need to fill the corners in with epoxy, if we can't figure out an inexpensive way to cast or machine the groove. The ball was a plastic or rubber which was light weight. (your mass and acceleration concern). This may not be as much of a concern as we think because although the ball races around one side it would go slower around the other side. The old meter failed because the change gasoline formulation in the 70's melted the ball. so we need something round 1/4 to 5/16 in. diameter (approx. fuel line size) and immune to the chemicals in gasoline. So looking in the back of the Grainger's catalog chemical resistance chart, we see aluminum, kynar, teflon, polyacetal, nylon, tyton, carbon, ceramic, viton, epoxy. and i would add glass to the possible candidates, although on the heavy side. We are looking for a round ball made from one these material. Googling aluminum ball i find a lot of suppliers. 1000ea 5/16" weighs 1.6 Lbs. I am leaning towards aluminum right now any suggestions?

there is gasoline bypassing all the time that the engine is using gas, to take the ball pass the inlet port.

this pic of that 70's mpg computer, which still works by the way. Just no flow meter.
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